Digital Artwork of Superman!  by B3X
Digital Artwork of Superman!  by B3X

Kurimeow Poster ! by B3X for our Animation Collage poster ! more variations  coming from our in house Artists!

Dark Zombie concept 2

Here's a concept art for a dark and gritty comic book series. this is one of the main characters we'll be doin a comic book on. by B3X


recently finished work in pencils by Phibbz

Dark Zombie concept art for comics

Here's a concept artwork for a dark oriented / Zombie comic book.

pencils and colors by B3x!

WonderDuck No.2 Cover

art by B3X

Russ5377 # 3 Cover

pencils, inks, and colors by Ed Domingo

Wonder Duck

pencils and inks by Seph Olesco; colors by Ed Domingo

Nightwing poster!

Pencils and colored by B3X

Russ5377 issue #3

these are a preview of the latest issue of Jorge Medina's Russ5377. pencils and inks by dr.who, colors by ed domingo.

Batman Pin up!

B3X pin up of batman!

Batman! pencils to colors

Pencils to colors by B3X. With additional filters and Alternate color. ;-P

Vigilance Cover # 4 Colored

cover art (pencils, inks, and colors) by Big Cat newbie, Monte Carlo Magante

Vigilance #4 cover art

Cover art for the fourth issue of Jemir Johnson's "Vigilance" comic. Pencils and inks by new Big Cat artist, Monte Carlo Magante.

New Isis Cover unfinished

New cover art for "The Legend of Isis: Cleopatra's Coming"; pencils, inks, and colors by Phibbz!

Warrior & Crab Monster!

Pencils by B3X. - " been a while since i've done some pencil works, started as a spontaneous doodle and ended up like this. ;-)

This or That colors

another coloring job for crazee comics;
flats by James deGuzman, colors by Edwin Domingo

Vigilance cover # 2

pencil and inks by Phibbz!; colors by Roovette Santos

Isis # 7 pages

pencils by Phibbz

Coshi # 6

pencils and inks: Dr. Who
flats: Jan, Jems, Noel, Roovette
colors: Edwin Domingo
this is the final issue of this series